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    Hey guys,

    Ever since I got WP8.1, I have got atrocious and inconsistent battery usage on my Nokia Lumia 1320. Before, I could get 8 - 10 days consistently on my phone, as I rarely used it and it was mostly on standby. Occasionally I would make a call, send a message, listen to music or browse the Internet, but most of the time the phone would be left untouched.

    The battery could last nearly 11 days with 30 mins of music usage, two calls, three messages sent and 2.5 hours on the browser (Wifi turned off when not needed, all other connectivities off). I was very impressed, as my previous "dumb" phone couldn't even last 5 full days with zero usage!

    But when I got to WP8.1, doing the exact same things, the battery would die within 3 days. It was erratic in the sense at one time with decent usage it lasted 5 days (with a few hours of web browsing and Here Drive+ usage), and once with ZERO usage it died in 4 days.

    I am at a loss to explain this. Is this just an isolated incident for me, or what?

    05-19-2014 09:20 AM
  2. eugene89us's Avatar
    That sounds pretty bad when it would die with almost no usage within 3 days. My Lumia 925 (which I believe has a little more mAh than 1310) got barely a day of moderate usage (10 phone calls, music streaming, internet use, around 10 text messages) with initial version of 8.1. After the latest update, the phone stays on for 2 days before the low battery warning. And that is still with the same moderate usage.

    Did you update your phone to .878? That was a big improvement for me. Even with usage, it lasted easily 2 days. When I leave phone laying unused overnight, with WiFi and Bluetooth turned on and sync every 15 minutes, it drops by around 8% over 12 hours. That would last me around 6 days if it was kept unused. I also heard some hypotheses that the battery actually drains quicker for some when they disable apps and wireless services. Sounds counter-intuitive, but who knows? If you disabled a lot of background tasks, see if you can re-enable them to improve your battery. As a side note, none of my apps are background blocked and my battery use of outstanding.

    Hope you get this resolved!
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    05-19-2014 09:41 AM
  3. John James6's Avatar
    I have 8.1 on my 1320 and have no problems with battery life. I am a heavy user on my phone constantly. It last me 2 days. Loving it so far. By the way. I have Wi-Fi enabled but user an automated Wi-Fi app. And no Bluetooth.
    07-28-2014 12:35 PM
  4. tanyet's Avatar
    A soft reset took care of my battery issues with the 1520. I also think there might be something to the idea that disabling some services might cause a problem.
    07-28-2014 03:10 PM

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