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Windows 11 Pro update creating time stamp on image cast through desktop browser to ChromeCast


New member
Oct 30, 2022
I'd like some Windows Developer brains on this because I'm beginning to think this is not a Chrome issue but a Windows 11 Pro issue.

Since a Windows Pro update I installed 3 months ago I've had "Chromecast-shows-Resolution-and-FPS-in-the-bottom-right-corner" and the common issue I'm seeing through the forums is Windows 11 Pro.

Those of us unfortunate enough to find that Windows 11 Pro is causing more problems than is solves would like a bit more feedback and assistance with these issues.

Last night I installed another Windows 11 Pro update and it killed my broadband connection which took 2 hours to reset!!

Can a Windows person look into this while Chrome is also working on the issue from their end.

Jun 9, 2021
I suggest you to also post this on "Feedback Hub". Secondly, I always recommend Windows Clean Install instead of simple updating this will avoid most of the common problems and issues.