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    I have been using Lumia 520 ever since it was open for sale. I had no problems in driver. I had it Developer Registered to deploy apps when it was on Windows Phone 8. After that I started using Ubuntu in my lap for some time for some reasons. Now I am back to Windows 8.1 and WP8.1 in my Phone. I installed WP8.1 SDK and when I used the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Registration Tool, i get this error
    The service is running and the phone is unlocked too.

    I tried
    * Restarting the Service
    * Restarting the Phone
    and many other things I found on internet but none fixed it.

    So I went to check the Device Manager to find whether there is some problems in driver and I found that my L520 had no drivers installed and it doesn't find automatically even when I connect the L520 many times or connect it while its restarting or uninstalling it.
    So the Project My Screen app is not working too. I can just transfer files as it shows up as just Portable Device. I searched everywhere but I can't find a fix expect a fix to add it to as Universal Bus Device which is no use as it does nothing. So any idea how to fix it.
    07-03-2014 11:16 PM

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