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    Brian Tong from CNET acknowledges Windows Phones. Wow that's a break through.

    Brian saids:

    IOS drops from 45.61% in June 2014 to 44.19% July 2014.

    Android rises from 43.75% June 2014 to 44.62% July 2014,

    Reason for IOS decline "Look out for the up coming Windows Phone".~ Brian Tong

    Windows Phone. Rose from 0.83% in April 2014 to 2.49% July 2014.

    This is excellent. Check out the video.

    A new Sneak Peek of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    Your thoughts?

    If you having trouble watching the video on IE on your WP down load the CNET app and check out the video "A new Sneak Peek of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha".

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    Thanks for posting. It will be interesting to see the numbers after the iPhone 6 is out....
    08-06-2014 08:11 PM

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