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    So on Friday, the news came out that Cyan was getting rolled out for Developer Devices (not developer preview, actual dev devices). I have one - given to me by MS at //build 2012.

    I've been running the developer preview for a couple of months, with horrid battery life compared to 8.0 (this is on a 920 btw).

    So I rolled back to 8.0, only to find that there was in fact no Cyan available, at least not for me, not yet.

    Not sure if it's just going to take longer to get here or what, but that was the disappointment.

    Good news was that, with 8.1 DP I was getting about 10-12 hours on a charge. Now that I'm sitting on 8.0 again, I've been blown away by my battery life. Got 34 hours with the same level of usage on a single charge...!

    08-17-2014 06:35 PM
  2. groovejumper's Avatar
    Yeah with WP Black you'll get around that,way better than Developer Preview 8.1 but I noticed improvement since I downgraded to Cyan won't be enrolling in Developer Preview again since Cyan brings 8.1,no random reboots,no more long *** resuming screens.I'll wait for official Update 1 to be released ,I can live without live folders for now especially with way more battery use
    Though once I get Cyan I'll immediately move forward again to 8.1... In fact I may not even wait, I do love it.
    08-17-2014 06:46 PM

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