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    The T-Mobile article discussing 8.1 rolling out "later this year" prompted this post. I'm asking because I honestly don't know; this isn't intentional trolling ;-)

    So, what is the difference with iPhones? Does Apple just have leverage with the carriers, is the update process different, or what? IPhone updates go out to all phones, regardless of carrier branding, in what seems like a 24-48 hour period.

    Also, my apologies if this is OT. I really wasn't sure which forum to post this in: phone wars, carrier exclusive app, etc.
    08-23-2014 10:38 AM
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    No i dont see it as troling.
    You have a point.
    The answer is................as i see it.
    When ever a update is on the break for release it goes to the cariers first in order for a "check" and to build in there bloatware.
    That varies from apps, bootscreen, special ( theme ) collors, wallpapers al that kind of stuf.
    Paralel from that you have the untouched version ( country variant ),
    but that one is not going to be released until the first cariers released there own "modified" firmware.
    Its al about the money thats involved.

    And there are a very few models of Iphones, so its easy for a company to build these firmwares.
    They build there own devices and develop there own firmwares al under one roof.
    Ms has the "problem" that they have a bunch of models of there own ( L520/1520 and all in between ) and they have to develop for other oems as wel.

    The release has nothing to do with MS itself as a corporation.
    Its sounds strange but whenever Apple releases a phone, the cariers are like dogs in heat al over it.
    They even pay to be alowed to sell I-stuff............its looney but true.
    The cariers are not al to jumpy to sell WP phones due the smal market range.
    They rather sell Droid and Apples......more money in the pocket.

    But if you think that WP is a drama, try some Droid brands.

    I personaly have no issues with the fragmented releases.
    When it's not released by my carrier, i snatch the firmware from a other carrier.
    and we have ofcource the prereleases, socalled preview for developers.
    I believe that apple has also something like that, but not free.

    When the carriers where more cooperative, then it was also a matter of day's
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    08-23-2014 05:51 PM

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