Is HP doing a good job rolling out bug fix's and updates? On the line to buy.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Well guys, now that the Microsoft event is over, with no phone stuff coming out of it for the most part, the question is this now. HP elite x3 or not. Seems like we got no new hand sites from other company's on the map. The elite x3 is that only windows phone to buy really, a high end flag ship phone. Before I spend the money on the phone I just want to know if HP is rolling out bug fix's, updates, firmware updates ext daily or not. Or weekly, on a regular bases is what I mean. Microsoft seems to be dragging its *** making us wait until March with the next big windows phone update. But if HP is doing all they can to keep this phone as good as possible then that's a very good sign. Makes me feel better if I buy one knowing they are doing all they can to help the phone and OS work to the best it can.

I'm not a business person. The phone will just be used as a personal smart phone. Making calls, text msg, texting pictures, instagram, using it to watch you tube and movies, taking pictures, weather, calendar, steam app, and music for the most part. I'm not going to lie I barely use any of the stuff on my galaxy s4. Just what I said above. The price does not bother me, because I kinda just use my phone until it brakes. I'm not one to updates my phone every 6 months or once a year. Maybe I would if some super kick *** surface phone came out that was a legit computer, or something along those lines. Or if window phone went under (witch I don't think will happen yet, feel like windows know it need to be in the mobile world to compete.)

I really like/love this phone, seems like it can do all I need as far as a phone goes. I just want to know if HP is doing all they can to keep the phone as good as possible, tweaking it and trying to make it better as much as possible.

How has it been for you guys who have the phone going? HP been doing they're part? O yea one last thing, did they, or are they making the camera better like they said they were going to? I know that's the week part of the phone but it people are just saying the camera sucks because its not as amazing as the knew iphones camera I don't care. Sure it will be leaps and bounds better then my galaxy s4. Let me know what you guys think please. Thanks for the help.


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Sep 21, 2016
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It seems to me like HP is committed to make this device as good as it can be, or close to it anyway. I had a conference call with the HP Workspace folks a week back or so, and they told me they will be keeping the device in production until 2018; that shows me commitment. Who knows, that may change with poor sales, but that's their stance right now. Are there daily updates? Definitely Not. Weekly? No. But monthly, yes. And the device has improved quite a bit since the original release, to the point where it is, without a doubt, the best performing Windows Phone to date. If you have a reasonable amount of disposable income, I would say go for it.

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