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    I was not able to find answer to my problem. There is open guest network at company that still asks for user name and password. Each time I have to fill both fields and there is no way to save them. There are two buttons "Cancel" and "Skip" (not part of webpage - WP native buttons), but these of course do not help if I would like to enter credentials.

    • For open networks that ask for some user data there is WiFi Sense that fills in your name, even if it fake.

    • For secure networks WP8 knows how to preserve the username/password, since credentials are always required to access network.

    But for public network which redirects to login screen and requires specific username/password that does not match WiFi Sense default info there is problem. I would expect IE to remember both fields, but it is not the case, since login page is rendered in embedded context - not full IE. On WindowsRT it works as expected - IE opens the login page, and as result is able to save both username and password.

    Either WiFi Sense needs more than one set of user info and you should be able to specify which set to use for given network. Or better just allow the IE to handle the login page and as result be able to save all filled fields (like in Windows RT on tablets). I understand that Microsoft wants to provide minimal GUI to avoid running full IE, but there have to be possibility to save form data. Change "Skip" button to "Save"?

    WP8.1 8.10.14157.200

    Am I missing something?
    09-04-2014 04:45 PM

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