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    I currently have 1520 and love it and by passing it along have converted so many people because it really speaks for itself. Our contract is up 10/1 with AT&T and while I have also lured my husband from his Galaxy over the WP, I am having a dilemma in choosing a new device and I appreciate any help offered.

    -We are not carrier locked and will likely buy on contract because we really have no reason not to, however we ideally would stick with At&T for resale purposes of old devices. It is a corporate account, and since I bought the 1520 outright last year, we both have to upgrade our phones in a few weeks despite the fact that I really don't need a new one at this point and my only issue with the 1520 I find it too big for being a phone. I want to stick something in my back pocket (the only iPhone envy I have). It's a great mini tablet though.
    -When I bought the 1520 (Came over from a Note) I chose it over the 1020 primarily because of the size, and didn't really realize how size prohibitive it is for me personally.
    My normal usage is calendar, email, text messaging, reader, very light browsing, GPS, lots of picture taking, very occasional use of Office for notes. I'm not a huge app person, I have a few casual games/reader/flashlight, I have a pedometer on it (always on) and very rarely stream music, mentioned in regards to battery usage required. I am either always at an office or driving around for 6-10 hours for work.

    To sum it all up, as far as I can tell my options are (down grading?) to a 1020 - although for my usage will I even notice that it is less powerful than a 1520? I know there is lesser battery, I don't really understand how to figure out if this will affect me. I do think I would appreciate the camera, I take (and text) a lot pictures with clients. Or switch to Verizon for Icon? I have Verizon for my home entertainment package and loathe dealing with them. I am very hesitant to add more off their awful customer service to my life. Honestly though, we've had AT&T for years and dealing with them has always been awesome, which is my main hesitation in switching. Price-wise I assume everyone is pretty close to the same among the top carriers anyway. My third option is buy an iPhone 6, sell it and reactivate my 1520 and wait for new AT&T WP flagship and buy it outright myself?

    Am I missing anything? Anyone switched from a 1520 to 1020? Did you find it to be a notably lesser phone? Thanks in advance and sorry for the word dump
    09-14-2014 08:20 AM
  2. dezzilakk's Avatar
    Wanna switch? :D
    09-14-2014 10:04 AM
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    One (M8) is coming to AT&T (confirmed) HTC One (M8) for Windows is coming to AT&T, too | Windows Phone Central

    Check out the One (M8) forum and see if the camera meets your needs. (Debate rages about that, LOL.) Hardware wise the One would be way more future proof than 1020 as the chipset will support all the up and coming things like motionsensor (auto track of steps) and more advances in the OS...

    At a 5" screen it should be more pocketable.

    ​Might be worth waiting just a bit for if it keeps you on a network you know and love.
    09-14-2014 10:25 AM

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