1. NickB1234's Avatar
    A week or so ago my 920 started having problems connecting to my home wifi. It connects to other wifi's just fine. I can even be in the same room as the router. Other devices on the wifi are not having any problems. The only change around that time was that I added a wireless ip camera, but I unplugged that, restarted the phone and it still had problems. Sometimes it connects and is very slow, other times it won't connect. I've deleted the wifi profile from the phone, restarted it, and restarted the router. Any suggestions?

    12-26-2014 11:09 AM
  2. plot_almighty's Avatar
    I know this will sound like a pain, but if its just your router its having a hard time connecting to, I suggest a hard reset of the router itself, I.E a factory reset. I don't know if you have any kind of background in networking, but if that fails you may need to tinker with some settings in your Wi-Fi setup to allow your device to connect properly.
    12-26-2014 11:27 AM

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