1. chunky2055's Avatar
    Today I changed my old 8gb micro sd card with a new class 10 16gb card on my Lumia820.
    Before changing the card i shifted all important applications to phone memory. But after the restart i just found out that none of the installed apps are visible on the app list (right swipe to home screen). All the apps pinned on the home screen are working fine but not visible on the list.

    What could be the issue?? Please help.
    01-03-2015 12:10 AM
  2. chunky2055's Avatar
    01-03-2015 01:00 AM
  3. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Are they still not visible in the app list?
    01-03-2015 07:27 AM
  4. chunky2055's Avatar
    Yes... But when I inserted old card back restart the phone once... They become visible but with new card they r not
    01-04-2015 12:39 AM
  5. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Try deleting those apps, and reinstalling once you have the new card inserted. Backup whatever data you can first, though.
    01-04-2015 12:43 AM
  6. chunky2055's Avatar
    Problem is that not even default OS apps are visible. List is completely blank.
    01-04-2015 12:49 AM
  7. chunky2055's Avatar
    I don't wanna factory reset because my internet connection is down for nxt 2 weeks and I wont be able to reinstall apps again.
    01-04-2015 12:51 AM
  8. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Blank list? Dang, that's a big problem.
    Ever tried formatting the SD card?
    01-04-2015 12:55 AM
  9. chunky2055's Avatar
    Already did... Still blank.
    01-04-2015 12:56 AM
  10. chunky2055's Avatar
    When insert old card .. First it shows apps on card only. Then after another restart it comes back to normal.
    01-04-2015 01:00 AM
  11. chunky2055's Avatar
    Seems like no one have a solution of my problem.. :(
    01-04-2015 10:02 AM
  12. Harrie-S's Avatar
    If i understand correct than with the old SD cart you have no problems but with the new SD card you have the "blank" app list.
    Then I guess you also figured out it is a problem with the new card.
    What brand is it. Can you change it?
    01-04-2015 11:18 AM
  13. chunky2055's Avatar
    I am not sure if new card has a problem. Its a Samsung UHS-I class 10 card.
    Card seems to be working fine with all other data. I installed apps on it and they worked fine too. Its just when I use it, I get blank app list.
    01-04-2015 09:56 PM
  14. Harrie-S's Avatar
    So.....the new card has no problem only when you use it it shows a blank app list? Is that not your problem.??
    01-04-2015 10:06 PM
  15. jchapman01's Avatar
    Here's your solution... Try a another new SD Card. That way you can rule out your first new card. Then if it still happens, the next step is to insert the old card, back up all data, then reset the device... Then insert the new card and restore every thing.
    01-04-2015 10:46 PM
  16. chunky2055's Avatar
    I tried other card and list was still blank. :\
    Used that new card on my brothers 520 and it was running fine with app list showing all his apps.
    Seems it is a software issue with my phone.
    Now only hope is factory reset.
    01-10-2015 09:36 PM
  17. HerronScott's Avatar
    Can you copy the contents of the old SD card to the new SD card on a PC?

    01-11-2015 10:25 AM
  18. chunky2055's Avatar
    Yes I did that too.
    01-16-2015 09:48 PM

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