1. Leon_Fernandes's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I am reformatting my phone (Lumia 820). Now here's my Question: If all my apps and games are stored on my SDcard will I loose it? or does the formatting happen only on the internal memory of the device leaving the SDcard untouched?

    and also when WP8.1 was announced they said that a memory card of the 1st device cannot be used in a 2nd device (due to some specific device ID code or something I'm not to sure) will this issue arise after reformatting my device ?

    I really don't want to loose my apps and games (especially game progress)

    02-21-2015 12:46 AM
  2. Abhishek P's Avatar
    If u reset your device, you wil lose the apps and games. However, u can get the progress back if you do a back up
    02-21-2015 01:12 AM
  3. Leon_Fernandes's Avatar
    But here's the rub - not all apps and games (especially games) backs up progress only a certain few.
    02-21-2015 01:30 AM

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