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    I'm from México, and I'm new with Lumia
    I can't send MMS because the phone didn't came configured for that (that's weird)
    So... I called my carrier (Telcel - México)
    And we couldn't do it... they told me all these data:
    APN: mms.itelcel.com
    user:  mmsgprs
    password: mmsgprs2003
    WAP gateway (URL):
    WAP gateway port: 8080
    MMSC (URL) : http://mms.itelcel.com/servlets/mms
    MMSC Port 8080
    Max MMSC: blank
    IP : IPv4

    But none of that works... my data is turned on and goes well on 4G... But no MMS... my sister's 630, and my parents 530... al of them hace no mms configuration, and automatic MMS congiguration via SMS didn't work...
    04-22-2015 11:39 PM

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