Why can't I send a text to an e-mail address?

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Jun 16, 2015
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cant send a text to an e-mail address

I get an error message if I try to send a text to an e-mail address, reply to a e-mail to my number as a text, and I can't send picture texts (MMS?)
I'm not sure how to enter my correct APN and MMS info, as the format of my carrier is different than how the '640 wants it.

my carrier wants this info:
Name: MTS
APN: sp.mts
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: http://mmsc2.mts.net/
MMS Proxy: wapgw1.mts.net
MMS Port: 9401
MCC: Should be auto set to 302
MNC: Should be auto set to 370 (if its 660 leave as is)
Authentication type: Not Set
APN: Not Set

and the '640 has these fields:

from another post - I found
flipped switch that says Manual Internet APN to on.

Click edit Internet APN

Change APN to xxxx
scroll down, change IP type to IPv4 (if this applies to my carrier... I don't kmow)

click SAVE

Click Edit MMS APN
Change APN to xxx

WAP gateway (URL) - xxxxx
WAP gateway port - xx
MMSC (URL) - xx
MMSC Port - xx
Maximum MMS Size - xx
IP Type - IPv4

Thanks much,
I have a dual sim 1075 version, LTE capable.

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