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    I recently got a wired headset to use primarily with a landline phone but it does have a plug adapter for cell phones. It also has an inline mute switch, which works just fine with my landline phone.

    I have a Nokia 630 and have found that if I use the in-line mute switch, it not only mutes the microphone, but also the earpiece. Unmuting it does not set everything back, however. And to make it worse, even with the headset then unplugged, things still aren't functioning. I can make a call and it apparently goes through, but I can't hear them and they can't hear me. I have to turn the phone off/on to get the full functionality back. It's almost like the switch changes some unknown settings on the phone that don't reset until the phone is restarted. Can anyone think of any possibilities?

    I've tried the in-line mute switch on another cell phone and it works properly. Additionally, using the built-in mute button on the 630 works as you'd expect. Very strange...
    05-21-2015 12:37 PM

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