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    I mean, when I try to download an app from my pc it will give me a stupid error 7 times out of 10 that "we cant communicate with your phone, we'll email the app link" I just want to pull my hair out damn it, and now I noticed the "locate my phone" function doesn't work manually, it used to, a few months ago, now its different at least visually and the funny thing is the damn thing records every move my phone does, lets say I check now and there's the last location with incredible precision, like it shows exactly in what room of my house the phone was half hour ago, but then I press locate or ring and it fails and fails, I remember last year every time I checked that it located my phone in seconds with absolute precision, it doesn't make any sense, I upgrade from DSL 10mb to fiber 100mb since then, so it isn't network related, and I haven't changed the settings, I have "use push, not sms" and "save location periodically" both enabled like always, tried using cellular data then sms then wifi and same result

    is there anyone experiencing this? I cant be alone
    08-25-2015 06:35 PM

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