1. Akshay Nambiar's Avatar
    I created a new outlook account at the time when I bought my Lumia535. Within a week's time I bought Lumia540 andmade use of the same account for getting through the initial setups after unboxing.
    As my mother was supposed to use 535 and myself to continue with 540, I deleted the contacts that were common in both the mobiles on 535. After this, once when my 540 was connected to internet I've lost all my contacts and I see the same contacts that are present with 535. I suspect on the 'sync' for the reason behind this misery.
    There were more than 250+ contacts. Please help me to retrieve them on either of the devices.
    Many thanks in advance.
    09-13-2015 09:28 AM
  2. Timbre70's Avatar
    Login to your outlook account using PC, go to people and select recover deleted contacts. You need to do it fast. Think there's a 30-day period for recovery.
    09-13-2015 09:52 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You may have another issue as well, Akshay, that you just have not noticed yet.

    If I understand correctly, your mother will use your old phone under the same Microsoft Account?

    That will allow her access to your calendar, emails, your SMS history, etc... And you would get hers!!!

    Two people should never share the same Microsoft Account for this reason.

    I understand you probably want to hand her already purchased Apps, but the loss of privacy is tremendous on both sides.

    Recover your contacts and reset the 535. Your mother needs her own Microsoft Account.
    09-13-2015 12:30 PM
  4. alicejolly123's Avatar
    If you want to recover deleted contacts from your from Outlook then you can make use of Outlook PST Repair Tool. This tool will help you recover Outlook contacts easily without any hassle. Follow the post below to get the complete solution:
    02-27-2016 07:11 AM

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