Moving to Android after 10 years of WP. Use Google account or Outlook for contacts and calendar?

Rex Leonis

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Oct 31, 2018
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I need to move my wife to Android after 10 years of Windows Phone. Should she use the Outlook app there for calendar and contacts and keep both on Outlook account or move all together to Google account and use native, built-in apps/services? I don't use Android yet so I'm asking you for advice.

She's NOT a power user by any means. She has an email address and uses outlook calendar and contacts on her Lumia now.

That's why I'm looking for the simplest way she can use her new BLU phone without complicating things. I don't want her to get confused by two accounts (Microsoft and Google) for calendar and contacts and end up creating appointments and contacts randomly on both Microsoft and Google accounts. It would be a nightmare for me to administer. Not least when moving her to a new phone in a few years. I know you set default accounts for contacts and calendar but I'm afraid she'll still end up using both accounts. My idea is to keep calendar and contacts on either Outlook or Google account and have just one account for both.

My question is simply:

1. Is it best to move contacts and appointments to her new Google account and show her how to use built-in Gmail, Calendar and Contacts apps?
2. Or should I install the Outlook app on her new phone and she continues to use Outlook calendar and contacts?

Like I said, she's not a power user and might get confused by two accounts for calendar and two accounts for contacts when adding new contacts and appointments. Would it be simpler to migrate all data to Google account and use Google's native calendar and contacts instead of Microsoft's ones?

She will continue using Onenote and Onedrive as I don't foresee any confusion there with the native offerings. She also uses Surface laptop.

What is your experience? Remember she's not a Microsoft or Google ******. I'm just looking to make this new experience as uncomplicated for her (and me) as possible.


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Jan 27, 2014
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Tbh I would keep it simple. Use the outlook app. I would however bring over my contacts to a gmail account and add that to the phone.

If eventually it turns out that outlook is lacking, you can always switch over to gmail etc

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