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    A person that uses a Nokia Lumia 520 (which has Windows Phone 8.1 on it), recently got the following issues:
    - in the People app, he found a contact called "Nomi"; he did not add this contact, and no one else added it because no one else used his smartphone;
    - the contact "Nomi" that he found in the People app, cannot be deleted; all other contacts can be deleted;
    - no one else accessed his Microsoft account from a desktop web browser.

    Do you recommend doing a reset ?
    Is this a known bug in Windows Phone 8.1 ?
    Or could this be a case of phone hacking ?
    Or is it a virus, or some kind of malware ? If yes, can a reset remove malware ?
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    It was not from malware, nor from software bugs. The contact called "Nomi" was a Skype contact, that the user accepted but did not remember accepting it. That's why the user could not delete it from the People app. It can only be deleted from the Skype app.
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