1. PRIMECHUCK's Avatar
    Checking out this PDA at sprint store with a Samsung Ace next to it. Setting both phones next to each other and set on same live TV. Samsung screen clear and sharp. Anyway to fix or set color on Treo 800W to get rid of the blue tint to clear up the video. Looking to buy a PDA or Smartphone and not sure what to get. I don't like the blue tint to the screen and it darkens the TV video.
    01-07-2009 01:10 AM
  2. legendeld's Avatar
    If the screen is discolored then the only troubleshooting step would be to hard reset the unit and check to see if the problem still exists before installing any applications or syncing. If it does then the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. If it occurs on more than one unit in factory states then it's not going to be fixable.
    03-12-2009 02:16 PM