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    First of all I list my requirements from smartphone or communicator:

    Device must offer the following functionality:

    1. to receive as average 10 calls a day along with providing again 10 calls a day with average length 3 minutes;
    2. to maintain maximum available speed of mobile internet (3/4G) and sustainable Wi-Fi connectivity where AP available;
    3. to provide means to receive, view and reply around 10 e-mail messages a day;
    4. to provide means to receive, quick edit and send around 5 MS Office document files a day with access to popular cloud services.
    5. to provide actual local information (maps, POI etc);
    6. to provide means to use popular VoiceIP services including, but not limited to Skype and Viber for around 3 calls a day with average length 5 minutes;
    7. to provide all functionality listed above from 9am in the morning to 11pm in the evening without necessity to recharge the battery throug the day.

    Although I have 5-6 casual mobile games to be used with Kid's Corner on my Nokia Lumia 920 I myself hardly play games, browse internet heavily and view online video as I see pretty ridiculous to do it with palm-size screen. That minimum reqirements list perfectly met by my smartphone, but still I expect improvements.

    I have tried 7 Android devices and Apple iPhone 4 since May 2011. Although iPhone in general met all requirements I do not feel comfortable enough with Mac/iOS products as I am heavy user of PC with installed Windows OS both at office and home.

    My history of using Android devices is total disaster as I feel my self merely swindled by flocks of so called technobloggers and sites on mobiles. As you know last 3 years consumers are targeted by blatant inconsistent PR campaign pursuing massive sales of great number of portable devices with Android OS installed. All of those mentioned bloggers and sites promise to consumer with broad functionality Android OS offers both in smartphone and tablet form-factor. They absolutely do nothing with actual business functionality as they are typically stupid 30+ virgin males making themselves busy with mobile gaming and online videos.

    In reality the core phone and tablet functionality of devices with Android OS aboard falls short of pretty modest expectation. That broad functionality is being delivered as is and absolutely none can guarantee its working by the time it is really necessary even if we discuss Google apps. Android devices being cheaper and less reliable replicas or look-alikes of corresponding products of Apple are absolutely of no use if employed for business needs.

    November 2012 is really Day X for business community as Microsoft eventually released Windows 8/RT/Phone 8 OS and lit green light to products with those OSs aboard.

    Each product separately posesses great features making device as musch as possible for those making money, but still fall short of average expectation from the OS environment of the current PC, tablet and smartphone markets.

    It is really great to see improvements coming almost every next day to Windows RT and Windows Phone especially after historical interview with Bill Gates.

    The problem is those improvements are being done in the areas where even Android is going to stay in the better position without any mention of iOS.

    I personally do not need games and farting somethings with my Windows RT/Phone 8 devices. If I really go gaming there is powerful desktop in my son's room with Origin and Steam.

    What do I really want from my Nokia Lumia 920 and ASUS VivTab RT is stronger syncronization and better interaction with SkyDrive and each other. I need built-in voice guided Personal Assistant software with my Lumia as third-party software choise is pretty poor and offered functionality of existing ones is disappointing. Actually the current voice functionality of Windows Phone is so much advanced the little more tighter integration and unification seems pretty possible.

    Some similar functionality for Windows RT devices would absolute killer feature having driven business community from overpriced iPads with poor office software to Windows RT devices.

    I would also like to see Windows Phone/Windows RT device able to install and run some industry specific software such as Bloomberg Professional Mobile available through outdated Blackberry devices only.

    I am not sure but Microsoft seems to advance in the wrong direction. Existing of Temple Run or Angry Birds with Windows Phone sounds nothing not only for me, but also for those really interested in this gaming crap. There are times more games with Android and iOS while more than half of them are free unlike with Windows Phone.

    Business functionality is the only area where neither Apple nor Google could ever offer something really competitive to Microsoft products. Why not encourage developers to port existing productivity software from iOS and Android or create new ones? Games suck as their target audience are hardly the people interested in security and reliability of the gadgets in use. I do not need Modern Combat 4 as it drains battery to zero after an hour of play. But I need Personal Assistant dominating Siri, proper interactiong with Exchange Servers (there are some issues with OWA where iPhones work like charms), deeper synchronisation among my Windows RT tablet, SkyDrive and PC at my office.

    Microsoft, come to yourself or you lose this battle for mobile user once again and forever.
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    04-22-2013 05:18 AM
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    I can only agree with the point you make about gaming on a smartphone. I find that the only games I'm interested in are the little puzzle games to pass maybe 20 minutes of my time whilst I'm waiting in my car for my daughter to come out of school. 3rd person shooters are best played on a proper gaming rig.

    You have mentioned a personal assistant app to beat SIRI but have you heard of Indigo? It's just the thing you are looking for and will be released for WP 8 and Android on the 23rd April 2013 (tomorrow).

    Sneak Peek at Indigo, the upcoming personal assistant for Windows Phone [Video] | Windows Phone Central

    Hello Indigo - Personal Assistant App
    04-22-2013 06:49 AM
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    Existing Personal Assistants with WP8 usually get local info from either Bing or Google. Both are useless outside US and Western Europe. HERE has the richest local info from POI to public transportation around the globe.
    04-22-2013 10:45 AM

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