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  1. JernejB's Avatar
    We had some snow over the past days and let me tell you I was waiting for this opportunity for over a year, we just didn't have any snow till now.
    So finally it snowed! I took my black felt and my macro lens, strapped to my lumia 1020 with a elastic string and went to the balcony to freeze my *** of for two hours (It was totally worth it!) So the next logical thing was to share them with the community, to show that the 1020 is still a world class camera phone, so here they are.

    And a final thought: I'm definitely buying the 10xx when it comes out, no questions asked.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20150203_11_51_21_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_11_55_28_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_11_56_49_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_11_58_12_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_11_58_38_pro.jpg  

    wp_20150203_12_15_20_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_12_17_41_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_12_18_17_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_12_20_05_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_12_22_10_pro.jpg  

    wp_20150203_12_22_25_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_12_22_29_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_13_51_43_pro.jpg   wp_20150203_14_09_14_pro.jpg  
    02-07-2015 06:16 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Wonderful shots. The L1020 does take good photos, so good that we've got a dedicated thread for it.
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    02-07-2015 01:53 PM
  3. JernejB's Avatar
    Ops I guess I missed that one. Well in that case s flood of new pictures is coming.
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    02-07-2015 03:51 PM
  4. humanhowever's Avatar
    Beautiful pictures though! Was the black and white effect post editing?
    02-07-2015 04:09 PM
  5. JernejB's Avatar
    No there has been no post editing except cropping.
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    02-08-2015 08:41 AM
  6. HeyCori's Avatar
    What macro lens do you speak of?
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    02-09-2015 04:46 PM
  7. HelloNNNewman's Avatar
    Those are awesome pics!
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    02-09-2015 04:48 PM
  8. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Those are gorgeous! I'd love to see more pictures.
    aximtreo likes this.
    02-11-2015 03:43 AM
  9. JernejB's Avatar
    I used macro lens I found on ebay: 0.45X Wide Angle Lens with Macro 58mm (I'm a newbie so i can't post a link jet ).
    I used the small one for phones, but those are to small for the Lumia 1020 lens and they distort the image much more that this big one that I'm using now. The only drawback with this one is that you have to be careful that the phone lens is in the centre of the macro one, because if it's not it the images become a bit fuzzy (I lost a few lovely snowflakes because of this).
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    02-12-2015 11:29 AM
  10. HeyCori's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!
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    02-12-2015 11:36 AM
  11. madeinpda's Avatar
    04-15-2015 05:53 PM

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