1. nsyrax's Avatar
    Does the Samsung Focus have a compass? If so, is anyone else having problems with it working? Also, the voice search function doesn't recognize that I'm speaking half the time. When it does, the little level bars move, when it doesn't, they don't, and I have to restart the phone to get it working again.
    02-15-2011 12:08 PM
  2. nsyrax's Avatar
    Anybody? Hello? Is this thing on?
    02-17-2011 07:23 AM
  3. firedancer1189's Avatar
    I don't have my focus yet. AT&T said it would be shipping the first part of Feb but of course it hasn't yet. Anyways....as far as I know the only way to get a compass on the Focus is if you have a jail broken homebrew phone.

    I have read of others having the same issue with the voice recognition on their phones. I am not sure if there was an immediate solution to the problem but people speculate the update in a few weeks should fix a lot of issues like you are experiencing.
    02-17-2011 04:34 PM
  4. cdook's Avatar
    I'm not sure if it has a compass. I also have the voice search bug. I've been told it happens when you had plugged headphones in at some point. It probably thinks the headphones are still in and there's a mic on these fictional headphones. I'm hoping they fix this with one of the future updates. I'm always using headphones so voice search never works for me.
    02-24-2011 11:37 AM