1. Neibl's Avatar
    Hey I put up a post and no one seems to be able to help me curious if you can:

    I put a 32gb micro sd card class 2 sandisk into a samsung focus and it is now stuck on 15mb memory (not a new problem to this forums).

    Everyone's solution on this forum is to reset the phone and start over, however its been a month now and no single reset has changed the phone from 15mb back to 8gb. There are no at&t apps either the phone is bare and can only make calls pretty much.

    I have done both resets in many combinations of plugged and not plugged in. I have done the 3 button reset and the menu reset. Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated?
    02-18-2011 06:37 PM
  2. ninjaap's Avatar
    Then it's probably your SD card that's the problem. Replace with another until you find one that works. That's pretty much the danger with using an SD card. It's a hit and miss. I'm sure you've already read that WP7 was not meant to use an SD card?
    02-18-2011 08:50 PM
  3. Neibl's Avatar
    The card is already removed as it would not reformat.

    Are you suggesting that putting a new card in and reformating will help?
    02-19-2011 07:47 AM
  4. VernonEL's Avatar
    I don't really have a good answer, but I hope you get it resolved somehow. What I would do is contact AT&T and explain the problem. Of course you should be able to get a replacement if it's been less than 30 days, but even after that, they should help you. Explain to them your problem and that you don't want to leave AT&T and WP7, but that you may be forced to if it isn't resolved. Your issue seems to call for extra attention from higher up.

    Good luck!
    02-19-2011 08:33 AM
  5. chsoriano's Avatar
    If the resets don't help then sadly it looks like the microSD card is screwed up. I had that same card in my Focus (Sandisk 32GB class 2) and it worked fine, well it did have random reboots but, other than that it worked for about 3 months. Then almost 2 weeks ago it reboot and the phone wouldn't boot. It just sat at the "Samsung" screen.

    I recently received a Patriot 32GB Class 10 and I've gone 4 days without any reboot at all. Looking good so far.
    02-19-2011 11:15 AM