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    I unlocked my Quantum with ChevronWP7....and then I realized that I have noo idea how to sideload! Can someone please give me really good instructions?
    11-20-2011 05:08 PM
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    You have a xap deployment tool included in the windowsphone SDK 7.1 you downloaded to your computer before carrying out the Chevron unlock. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Open up the Deployment tool & select the xap file (Homebrew app.) you wish to install. Zune should be loaded on your computer whilst carrying out this operation. Ensure the phone lockscreen is not on then click 'Deploy' & Voila your homebrew app. should install on your device. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    11-22-2011 08:34 AM
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    Thanks so much!
    I can't believe I couldn't figure that out.
    Jealous of that Titan, though... :)
    11-22-2011 04:45 PM

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