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    Sorry if this has already been posted.

    Basically this unlocks your standard non-US sourced device and Enables you to have all the US Content on your WP7.

    BTW This was written in Notepad lol

    So I didn't note this but I ran the initial set-up without a sim card, after set-up was complete I inserted my local Sim card and it still worked. This was tested on a NZ Network and worked on the Nokia Lumia 800 & 710 devices.

    Zune player not coming up with album art?

    Okay Music + Video Lovers I have found the trick to enableing the Artist Back Grounds/Zune Markplace on our PC's & WP7 devices :P
    Its actually not that hard :) All you have to do is...

    Create a U.S. Windows Live account.
    Change your computers Location. It's pretty simple, just go...
    >Go to your PC Control Panel
    >Clock, Launguage & Region
    >Change Location
    >Change your Location to United States

    Download & Install Zune for your PC. (Note; I had to delete my orgional copy)
    Once Installed, Start her up and go..
    >Sign in with your US Windows Live account,
    >Then go to Settings
    >Mediadata and Ratings
    >Tick the Automatically Retrieve and Update Album art
    >Also Replace all media information
    >...and under Ratings, tick a setting in ratings what applys to you.

    Note; If you can't seem to get the background working Download a peice of software called "Zune Social Tagger"
    It basicly tags all your Artists with the corret Information. :)

    Thats the PC, told you it was simple :)

    How to get Artist Backgrounds on WP7 Devices.

    Its pretty simple Basically erase the device
    >About Phone
    >Reset Phone
    **Phone starts up***
    >Choose Region
    >Pick US (Noticing a Pattern here?)
    >Sign in with your US Windows Live account

    And thats it all done :)

    BTW you actually have all the American features of the WP7 Device aswell, Adding some cool new Additions to your "Live Tile Libary" whats pretty cool.

    This looks awsome for Music lovers and people wanting to find out more about music on their WP7 Devices.
    >I.e. Biographys, Simliar Artists, Discographys and More :P

    It also just looks amazing :) Makes my Nokia Lumia look Awesome!

    I hope you all enjoyed :P
    04-11-2012 06:16 PM
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    Does this work if you have a Zune Pass in a non-US country?
    I don't steal music, so this could be a problem where I couldn't use my pass for the artists I need backgrounds/live tiles for, such as Genesis :p
    04-12-2012 02:49 AM