1. kurtmonaghan's Avatar
    Don't know if 8.1 fixes this or if this is the right spot but its worth a try.

    Anyway, 3 things about the video list, first would it be possible to get your list of saved videos to appear by folder instead of one giant incredibly long list?

    And second, if I save a video on my SD card then rename it after, the list never refreshes to the new name, its always the old name but if I explore the files via computer everything has the new name. I've tried restarting, unmounting the sd card but the old names stay.

    and third, sometimes the name of the file text wraps on the list, sometimes it doesn't, which is the reason I had to do renaming in the first place because I couldn't tell what episode was what.
    06-18-2014 10:47 AM

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