1.2 GB Android video file, on transfer to Windows laptop is 1/4th size and time of original. Why?


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Jun 9, 2022
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I have an unrooted Moto Android version 10 Phone and a Lenovo Windows 11 laptop. Both are up-to-date on all updates.

On Monday I tried to transfer a 1.2 GB multimedia file that was created shortly before from the phone to an external hard drive connected to the laptop. Things seemed to be working but the transfer sped up at the end.

The file on the external hard drive was 1/4th the size and time length of the original file. The original file was nowhere to be found on the phone, but the phone had 1.2 GB more space (indicating the full file was gone). Recuva could not help find the full length file on the computer and did not identify the phone at all.

Why did this happen? I have done this type of transfer hundreds of times. Why would the file be cut by 3/4th and is there anything I can do to find the original file? I know it's unlikely and I used the "cut and paste" feature so maybe it's impossible.

Thank you.
Jun 9, 2021
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Strange.... In future use "Copy and Paste" instead of "Cut and Paste" to be on the safe side.
There are many Android data recovery software like "Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, FonePaw, Wondershare Dr. Phone" and many more. So you can use them to recover your lost file. So give it a try and hoping you will recover your lost file successfully...


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Jan 15, 2013
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It sounds to me like the transfer was interrupted somehow. This kind of thing has happened to me before. Especially if wifi is involved. The speeding up at the end of the transfer sounds like what it looks like when a transfer is interrupted. If you can use an app like recuva on the phone you might get lucky though I have no experience with undeleting such a large file. I wish you luck and second the advice always copy rather than cut and paste (move) files. That way the original is retained.

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