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10 things that bug you about Windows 10

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Jul 29, 2014
For the most part, I like the way Windows 10 Works. I feel that Microsoft was caught up in their own hype of Launching 10 on Time and in the process screwed up some of the features that made 8.1 work well.

1. Give us more options in for Quick Actions (Notifications Center)
A. The icons are terribly small on a Yoga. It wouldn't kill you to make them a tad bigger.
B. Give us the option to add the Start Menu. Not every tablet / Yoga 11s has the physical start button in a practical place. Hitting the button in the corner is a pain in the thumb. (I currently have my task bar at the top and this kind of helps but is awkward learning curve.
C. Give me a power button as a Quick Action option. The Current location is horrible for tablets.
D. I want my APP settings button back. I keep screwing things up and hitting the All settings button. It gets worse as you realize yout favorite windows 8.1 app doesn't have a settings button yet. So your scroogled. On top of that I keep having to look around every app to figure out where they placed their little Cog so I can fix things.

2. Put some love for Pens back into windows 10 One note. I don't care if its all on some stupid ribbon. I just want to have the option of changing my pens thickness plus a better selection of colors that make sense. I mean who the hell thought it was wise to pick a handful of random colors and then splatter them in a pattern that makes no illogical sense... An anarchist would be pissed off at your color choices.

3. I really don't care that you changed the swipe from left to right. I'll get used to it. It would be nice if they would hug the left or right side of the window in tablet mode. It would make it easier to select the correct window. For the moment mine is possessed. I keep getting three phantom window choices. My guess is they are operations running in the background and windows thinks they are actual programs.

4.Thats it. Sure I could think of couple more things, but that would just be useless ramblings of an insane person. I just want them to polish this turd a bit more.
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