10 years late, I have fallen in love with Dark Souls, and you can too

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Dec 17, 2013
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Dark Souls' brilliance is grossly incandescent.
Dark Souls is something of a controversial topic, owing to its perceived difficulty. With some detractors claiming it's difficult for the sake of it, Dark Souls almost takes on this mythical shroud that only the most elite, hardC0RE gamers can contend with its punishing gameplay. Ten years after its initial launch, I am finding that isn't actually the case.
I am by no means a hardc0RE elite gamer, at least not as I approach 40. Back in the day I'd grind the hardest raid difficulty tiers in World of Warcraft and achieve server-first boss kills, and even further back, put literal thousands of hours into Unreal Tournament 99, with a near-sixth sense awareness of the respawn timer on the Shield Belt. Those days are pretty long gone, sadly. I have ear hair, y'know.
Yet still, as my ability to stick to a single game for any length of serious time becomes diminished for whatever reason, I've been falling in love with Dark Souls, a game I'd always assumed would be too difficult for me to mete out. If you're someone who, like me, always thought Dark Souls looked like a game you should enjoy, I'm here to tell you the game isn't as difficult as you might think, and in fact, it's actually incredibly fair, throwing you tons of ways you can make things easier for yourself.
I wanted to write down some of my experiences with Dark Souls so far, in tribute to what I already feel like could end up being one of my picks for best Xbox games of all time.

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