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20 minutes wasted on human error 80070005 for mobile

Chintan Gohel

May 23, 2014
I tried using camera today on my lumia 540 on 14393.103 build. It refused to open saying there's an error with privacy settings 0x80070005. The message said I need to enable camera in privacy settings - and it provided the link to the settings

The link to me the section in privacy settings that asked which apps can use camera - I enabled a few but camera itself wasn't there in the list. I also check in what apps can use microphone but not there either

I updated the phone to 14393.105 - no change
Downloaded lumia camera app - didn't work
Checked for camera app updates - no update
Soft reset - didn't work

So I took a hard look at privacy settings and near the end is a section called "other devices"
In that sectiont is a sub-section called let apps use my windows phone - and what do you know - camera was off :grincry:

So I enabled it and presto, camera started working again. :grin:


New member
Apr 20, 2014
Well you sorted it and learnt something, so no time wasted in my book................... :smile: