2017-08 update windows 10 version 1703 for arm-based phone devices, Error code (0x80070020).

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My Lumia 640XL device running on Windows 10 OS version 1703, Build- 10.0.15063.414 . While checking for update a new update shows up i.e, 2017-08 update for arm based phone devices, but while trying to download the download never starts, showing an error code (0x80070020). I am using wifi to download. I can't understand the issue.


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Aug 30, 2017
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Same mobile and same for me, a bunch of scenarios keep shifting turns, shuffling and happening:
1- Download Starts and Fail due to Internet Connection or Free Space on Device (error code 0X1CANT2REMEMBER)
2- Download Finishes, Preparing to Install Finishes, Installing starts and Fail due to Free Space (same error code)
3- Download Finishes, Preparing to Install Finishes, Installing finishes, and when a restart your device option should appear as usual, it says instead something happened, we'll try to fix this, pleas try again later.
I'm desperate, deleted all my apps that are not allowed by their creators to be moved to SD card, all WP Extras, logged of all my work and study email accounts I have, I need to know the size of that update, I don't wanna reset my phone :unhappysweat: HELP US!

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Jan 9, 2018
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2018-01 Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for arm-based Phone Devices
"Updates are available, but we temporarily need some space to download. Remove some things you don't need at the moment and we'll try again."
I have deleted all the apps WhatsApp, telegram,msoffice, all the possible apps but still showing,,,, no space,,,, what should i do.

vanbasten anuka

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Feb 1, 2018
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•The Final Ans:Downloads complete,starting to install,at a certain point around 20% it says insufficient space(a dialogue page appears asking you to free up space).yes I free up space by deleting everykind of app at the end it shows installation fails-error page.what do I do?
.....Easy if you had already deleted several apps,then simply turn off your phone and on it again.go to phone memory(Generally called "File" and tap on Refresh you will notice your have an extra space now in your phone.Go back to phone settings and start the download(it works)N/B make sure while your download start,your mobile should have a better percentage of above 40 else the installation will not proceed until the battery is atleast 40% charge.
.....if the installations and begins and shortly it still display an error message(Need free space)then you left with no choice as too download the few remaining apps and proceed by turning off your phone.on it back and enter File setting and refresh,get back to update page and proceed with your download.
.......Question:while downloading the updates at each level of time the download is not moving further.e.git stock at 30% for almost 30 minutes.what should I do?
...Best Ans:each time you notice your download or Installation is sticking at the same level or percentage,simply turn off your data connection and after(40)second,on it immediately.do so each time you notice your download is not proceeding be it whether your downloading updates or apps in play store.if doing so the download is still not proceeding,turn off your phone without switching off your connection and on your device,then go back to the download and click "download"
.....Question:how do I restart a Windows phone.i can't enter reset factory.i forgot my password.
...Best Ans: To restart your phone so that it becomes like a new brand device,simply press and hold thevol.downbutton,then put your windows device in charge.you will see and notice some like an exclamation mark(!)when you it,immediately press vol.up then vol.down then power button and then vol.down in this order.if respect this procedure kindly,you windows phone will instantly restart and give you can feel free to follow the setup guide and there you go.
........if you enjoyed reading this text,please encourage me....

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