3G and IE failure


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Nov 16, 2007
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I have an ATT HTC 8925 aka. "TILT"

Problem: Can not display any website while using 3G networks.

I have not: contacted att yet since it is 10:03pm CT and tech support is closed...

downloaded opera or other explorer types

reinstalled IE

reinstalled WM6

I can: browse websites using wifi "802.11g" while using IE.

login to 3G and EDGE networks "no error reports"

download random other info, use google maps, and other non-Internet Explorer related using 3G networks.

So thats mostly my current issue..

I dont think it is an issue related to 3g netowrks att or media-net though the only thing i can think of if it is related to that is if there is some firewall setting on my phone or on att's side blocking content..

Im wondering if it is possible to reset IE to default settings..

The last thing i want to do, but could, is to reset the phone to "ATT factory" settings..

"this is a copy of waht i posted on microsoft fourms...
this was an update from the same fourm
ok now for an update."

went to att store and they couldnt fix it right away and wernt equiped to reflash the rom on the phone

went online where att online chatgroup helped me further than the store did.

but still no fix. deleted the profile for 3g network reastablished a link to 3g network but still no activity on the IE browser.

after many other tests and attempts was given the phone # and address for a att store equiped for reflashing my phone..

i decided to go ahead and just restore the factory settings to the phone.. nothing.

tried again just because.... nothing still..

so i still havent tryed to reinstall IE mostly because i cant find an actual exe file or cab file for it...

still looking for ideas.. so meenwhile still using 3g for other stuff and wifi for internet.

one other choice that was given to me was to use the warranty for the phone and replace it.. the problem with that is what happens if this happens again?..

i would rather have a fix for the problem than run from it..


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Aug 6, 2005
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Sounds like a proxy problem. Doesn't the Tilt come with software where you can modify the proxy used? Maybe a Tilt user can jump in.


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