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640XL Durability


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Apr 9, 2012
I have owned the 640 XL for 6 months. I use the phone solely with a screen protector. Although it is a pretty slow phone, i have found that it does possess one very good attribute, its durability, one of the best i have ever owned. During its tenure, it has survived several falls. Once it dropped from 5 feet high right on its face onto a flat smooth tiles, survived that easily. Then it fell in the elevator and came apart and almost went in the hatch! Then it planted face first right onto concrete from about 4 feet high and still survived, although the concrete cut through some of the screen protector. Then most recently it slipped out of my pocket while i was trying to scale down a 12 foot rock, instead the phone plomped down the rock and came apart on its way down, a yet it still managed to work without any damage except some scratches.
I think the reason for its durability is that it comes apart on impact and puts less pressure on the glass. It could also be because it has a removable back which acts like a shock absorber for the body it holds.

So, how is your experience with the 640 XL and its durability?
Share how you use it and the abuse its taken. Can we put it in the 3310 category?

10month update: still going strong. Only minor drops in the recent months. Couple of slipouts from the pocket.
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