8bitdo Xbox mobile controller review: A gamepad for ants?

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Dec 17, 2013
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The 8bitdo Xbox controller for cloud gaming has some decent aspects but ultimately misses the mark.
Project xCloud or, as its now known, Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming, is an interesting beast. For the first time, we're now able to play console-quality Xbox games on our Android mobile devices, streaming via the cloud. Despite our best efforts to find the best Xbox mobile clips for cloud gaming and best tablets for Xbox cloud gaming, there remains an ergonomic conundrum that Microsoft has yet to solve. Playing Xbox games on a phone just doesn't feel as good, from UI scaling to the weird plastic clips we're expected to use to get our game on. Arguably, the best solution right now is the Razer Kishi by a significant margin, but that hasn't stopped other companies from throwing their hat in the ring.
This is 8bitdo's solution, a Super Nintendo-like gamepad with a clip for your phone. It's portable enough to fit in your pocket, but would you want to put it in there in the first place? Here are some thoughts.

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