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8X (on ATT) Won't open navigation app from Maps app by clicking on "Drive"


New member
Dec 9, 2012
I have the 8x on ATT and can't seem to figure this out. When you go into the Maps app and search for a business or location and then click on one of the results there seems to seems to be two three ways to navigate to the place:
1. From About tab click on the address and then the Arrow to get a simple text based directions list (this seems to work and it not the subject of this question)
2. From About tab swipe left twice to the Apps tab and them open your navigation app...in my case I click on Garmin and it starts to route my way for me (this seems to work and it not the subject of this question)
3. From About tab click on "Drive use an app"

#3 does not seem to work for me. If I click on "Drive use and app" it does not not open Garmin. Instead, it gives me a notice which says "search for app in the store? you need to install an app for this task. would you like to search for on in the store?" and when I click "Yes" it tells me there is not app available for that.

I would think that since Garmin is installed that clicking on Drive would open Garmin.

Does this make sense? Any ideas?



New member
Oct 8, 2012
Garmin needs to update their application to take advantage of the Drive API to be able to use the feature in scenario 3 that you mention. Nokia Drive as far as I know is the only app that has used this functionality so far, but it is open to other developers as well. I'd expect other navigation apps to update with it over time.


Windows 10 Champion
Sep 1, 2012
Well don't hit drive, tap the address. It'll pop in Bing Maps, then arrow for directions, enter to start from "my location". Turn by turn by car or on foot. Its so simple, I've never understood all the hubub about Nokia Drive, Gmaps, etc. And its already built in.

Hope this works good for ya.