920 FREAKING OUT on CR-200


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Mar 12, 2011
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OK, so this one is weird. I've had my 920 for 2 1/2 years now and my CR-200 for well over a year. All of a sudden, my phone is exhibiting really weird behavior while on the charger. If the phone is just charging and not doing anything else, every once in a while, the screen will come on and bounce up and down as if I had pushed the power button and partially slid the screen upwards with my finger. It will stay on until I push the power key and turn it off. It will often do this several times during my 40 minute commute.

If I'm using the phone to stream music to my stereo over Bluetooth, not only will the phone turn itself on, but the volume slider will slide back and forth frantically as though I were dragging my finger back and forth across the screen really quickly. Then, the volume will settle at zero. If I try to raise it back up manually, sometimes it will let me and other times it won't.

This all only happens in my car on the CR-200. I don't have this problem with any of my desktop cradles (DT-910's).

Has anyone else ever run into this?

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