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925 vs 920


New member
Oct 12, 2013
I want to buy a new windows phone.But i am not able to choose which one, the 920 or the 925.
Basically i love the 920 as for these pros.
1. Heavy weight -- i really admire that
2.Built in wireless charging
3.Speakers at the bottom --avoids disturbance when listening to music placing it on a table or something
4.Its design -- love it

And the cons when compared to the 925 are
1. No AMOLED display
2. It has corning gorilla glass whereas 925 has corning gorilla glass 2
3.And also 925 has an extra camera layer which 920 lacks. etc

So people let me choose which is the best!
Thanks a ton in advance :smile:


New member
Apr 29, 2013
Well, I personally prefer the 920 since I find it much more beatiful than 925, and it has 32gb against 925's 16gb..

Also, the price, the 920 is considerably cheaper than the 925..

Sure, it does not have an amoled display, but it's display it's FAR from being bad, it's really good and I don't think you will notice the difference, only if you compare both of them side by side..

925's camera is a bit sharper, but is almost nothing, 920's camera is good enough for me, so I prefer a better design with more space to save my things, and sure, saving my pocket :)


New member
Aug 5, 2013
I agree with Andre. Lumia 920 polycarbonate body makes it rock solid phone where as lumia 925 aluminum bezels make it look attractive and shinny but do note that aluminum is more prone to scratches when compares to full polycarbonate body of lumia 920.hardware wise both are. Same,same fluid experince thanx to windows phone 8. Camera umm ok have to say lumia 925 have a 6th lense which results in more sharper images but when we compare it to lumia 920's lens I don't fell its a majour drawback for lumia 920. Both the phones have same 8.7 MP Pure View camera technology with nokia camera. The display of lumia 925 looks great but when we compare it with its brother I don't saw a huge difference both are pure motion HD+ .when compared to internal storage lumia 920 wins since 32gb inbuilt is more than enough for a casual user. Lumia 925 does come in 32GB but it's lil more expensive. There is 16GB variant. Wireless charging , have to say lumia 920 have built in, the reason for heavy weight of lumia 920 was wireless charging built in the body. Nokia removed it from 925 to make it lighter. So if you planned to buy lumia 925 and want to charge it wirelessly on a charging plate,then you have to buy a separate wireless charging shell add on.
Conclusion:- lumia 920 is still a great , flagship phone atleast here in India. It will get the future updates with other siblings. If you want to save some money go for lumia 920 its worth buying. If you want the latest , lightest,6th lense camera go for lumia 925. Do note both the devices have fixed internal storage,no micro SD card slot. So choose wisely.


New member
Oct 17, 2013
Like u, I also admire the 920's heavy weight and design but I end up buying the 925 for its amoled and gorilla glass 2.

For camera, well i dont care much cause both are look excellent.

Speaker, yes 920 are better cause it was placed at the bottem however for me the speaker is just for ringtone. I use my own earphone all the time.

Send from my L925


Active member
Nov 19, 2012
As someone using both, I stuck it out with my 925. I placed a shell for wireless charging so I don't miss what the 920 offers. Speaker became better since there's a slot in the shell which let's the sound flow thru the bottom. I miss the weight of the 920 though as it was really good despite what majority say that it's heavy. I never had issues with storage as most of my stuff are on the cloud. I do like the corners being more rounded on the 925 as it doesn't poke my palm. Display wise, the deeper blacks of the amoled are better but I prefer the display of the lcd. I guess the trade offs were just something I learned to live with when I made my choice to stay with the 925 but in reality any of the 2 are great.