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950 XL vs Idol 4S Which to buy>

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Sooooo, I'm thinking about going back to Windows. I've been with Android for the past year and I can't stand it anymore. The OS is so clunky. I know I'll be committing to not having access to certain apps, but overall functionality trumps apps to me any day.

What I like about the Lumia is the camera, I'm an avid photographer, but it seems like the Idol 4S seems to have great images with the right APP.

Has the 950 XL had its bugs ironed out since it's debut?

Has any new 950 XL owners noticed the same issues and bugs with new 950 XLs?

Everything I've seen about the IDOL 4S has seemed positive minus the fingerprint reader, which I could care less about.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Well you hit a nail squarely on the head... To appreciate the camera on Idol 4S you do have to be committed to composition, alt app exploration and digital darkroom post-shoot.

But the camera can be satisfying if you are not simply point-and-shoot oriented.

I've not owned a 950 or a 950 XL. I resisted all the sales.

I am now very happy with the Idol 4S Windows:
  • Premium look/feel/build
  • Powerful SoC
  • Max RAM
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Fast SD slot
  • Ample battery
  • Type-C charges stoopid fast + Continuum
  • VR included (hey - it's no RIFT, but I wanna have some VR/AR fun)
I am the still proud, still owner of a 1520.3. The 950 series never compelled me to shift off of it. However, 1520 isn't the same on W10M as it is on 8.1+Denim so I retired it to camera/travel aide duty. I drove a 650 as a daily for about 3 months, when I saw a deal on a gently used Idol 4S Windows I jumped on it and have not regretted it a moment. I lost Qi charging, but the battery life and fast charge means I don't miss it at all. My bank (Ally) is not on Windows Pay so I don't miss NFC either. I do miss Glance a bit, but what the heck that is what you give up going non-Lumia on this platform.

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