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Jun 11, 2013
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I found the Nokia Video Trimmer to be a poor excuse for a video editor, it's just not a very good editor, I want to edit on the fly not by trying to see where the edits are, I want see and edit frame by fame -.
I was frustrated because I had always hoped for video trim tool and finally got one and this is what I got. The top right picture is Nokia's with the trim bar in view that stays there for less than a second then drops out of view and you have to recall it, as shown in the screen shot below when it's out of the picture. When you do edit the start point and end point is rather undefined and you can't review it very well before you commit to edit unlike the Samsungs The botton picture is the Samsung Video Trimmer and that editing bar is within the frame all the time, and as you can see it's FRAME by FRAME the way an editor should be so there is no guessing where you are in the editing process, it also gives you the option to review it before you save and to revert back to the original.
Nokia's also keeps giving me error message over and over that it's the wrong format and that the video must be made by a Lumia WP8 in order to edit
even tho' I made the video on my Lumia 810, I also get other error messages that say can't edit so it's very frustrating to say the least. On the other hand Samsung's never gives error messages, and editing is on the fly and it's frame by frame so you can be precise and it's much easier to see exacly what you edited out unlike Nokia's which is less way precise and involves guessing to a large extent.
So you wonder how to get it on your Amber updated Nokia Lumia ? download this app, then configure your Wi-Fi proxy as shown in the pic below then go to that Samsung Video Trimmer app in the link below and use the back button to pause the page for approx. 3 seconds, it will drop in the background then click again ( it may take several tries) and it will say install. I did the same thing with Nokia Camera Pro which also said "this app is not available for your device" -but I have it on my 810 & used the back 3 sec pause and then click again method. Good luck

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