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Sep 18, 2013
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I hv downloaded UC broswser for WP 3.1 and it is really cool!

What's in this new version? Just read it's update note, they improved their Watch Offline feature, which can save videos to your phone. This is a common feature among 3rd party YouTube apps like MetroTube. MetroTube provides more information and you can choose from different quality. In comparison, UC just provided a lite version since all information was on web page already, all you can do is choose which video to save /view. But when I put more time in browsing with UC, I realized that it's a more general feature: you can save videos from some other sites like Metacafe, even those shared on your Facebook timeline can be saved. Here is the screen-shot:
2. Multi-video download on Facebook.png
UC has more features and than IE did, and its features are more powerful. This version we saw they added integrate share-to feature, i.e. Share Image and Share Link. Share Link is OK, it?s the same as system sharing. But Sharing Image made UC different. With IE, I can only share through Email, SMS, Bluetooth, Messaging etc. But UC Browser allows me to send image via any app on my phone: Kik Messenger, WhatsApp, 6tage, as long as the apps support image sharing.
3.image-sharing via all social apps.png
Playing music in background is another feature comes with the update. Honestly, I personally don?t see the point of adding music playing feature to a browser. Downloaded music is port to Music Hub automatically and it is more straight forward to play music from downloaded list. One more thing, the music keeps playing even if you exit UC browser or lock your screen.
4.music download on last.fm.png5.music download option.png
According to the change log, UC browser 3.1 supports search in url-box - it?s not a big deal, IE and Nokia Xpress can do the same thing. But IE and Nokia Xpress basically don't have any download management, while UC browser can download various files, of course including the music download as mentioned before, and you can pause and resume download process anytime you want.

All in all, not like IE, UC has lots of features. I have to say, some users prefer IE, just because it doesn?t have a lot of features that they don?t need. But after using UC for a few months, I find out it is able to maintain ease of use despite of bunch of features. Especially, it supports gestures, for example you can swipe left or right to go forward or backward, and provides a sleek user experience. There are few choices for those who desire different browsing experience other than default IE. Hopefully, Opera, Firefox and chrome will port their apps to wp. Competition makes perfect.


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Oct 27, 2013
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It uses proxy, it can be safely used for surfing.. Not for Facebook and email..kindda

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