A couple questions on Upgrading to Mango


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Aug 14, 2011
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Hello, I've had my trophy for a little while and have been exploring the WP7 community, after a bit too much reading on Mango I really cant wait the months it will be before Verizon finely releases it (given they still havn't passed on to us the latest NoDo update 7392)

How exactly did you Update to 7720? The post on the XDA forums (xda-developers - View Single Post - Mango RTM 7720 released to MS employees!) says you either already have to have the latest Nodo or one of the previous Mango Beta's to be able to update to 7720.

So whats the best way to get the latest Mango running on a VZW Trophy? Force Nodo to update to 7392? or get one of the previous Mango Beta's running and go from there?

....following this link posted here How to Update Any Windows Phone 7 To Mango Beta 2 (Video)
looks simple enough to get the beta up, but there is no mention of which NoDo verzion... have people here with Verizon's Trophy followed these directions from 7389 with success?
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Aug 10, 2011
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i ported my trophy over the weekend to mango using the guide - however, i think i failed to make a backup. this may screw me over later when the actual retail version is released and i may have to go back to my stock NoDo. however, not that concerned since all my contacts are online as well.

the reason i feel it didnt back up was because in the first steps of the process before applying the initial mango update, i kept getting an error when my phone was reset. i forget the exact error, but it was the one that states your phone is already updated and the updates arent going to do anything.

so i went straight into just patching mango and skipped the first 5 or 6 steps (which is the backup portion) and successfully upgraded my phone to mango. and it was TOTALLY worth it. smart DJ, multitasking, smoother menu transitions, HUBS!, i could go on and on.

my phone was stock from verizon with NoDo, and i am absolutely loving windows phone 7. 1st week having it at all, and its just kick ***.


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Jul 14, 2008
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I lost my backup as well and was really worried about getting the retail version of Mango when released. It then occurred to me that if the beta's and the 7720 were available from XDA and others, then surely the retail version will be out there as well. Whew, a brain fart made me feel better for once.

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