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Dec 21, 2009
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I'm so annoying with deal with my contacks on my windows mobile phone,I know that somebody like me encounter the same trouble.Recently I found a windows mobile phone tool that used to backup the contacts to computer and manage them on it,This contacts Backup tool offers a full mobile contacts backup solution to backing up all contacts to computer for Windows Mobile Phones.With this tool,easily solves all my problems,now I am pleased to introduce this Windows Mobile Phone tool to you.Merry Christmas!
Free download it here:
With iMobileTool Contacts Backup, you can easily backup all contacts to computer as a txt file or a .cbf backup file at your will. If you choose to backup into .cbf backup file format, you can even manage these contacts on your computer by the use of our pc contacts manager. Moreover, you can import the backup contacts file (including your edited file) from pc contacts manager back to your windows mobile phone. Easy and direct. Now you can get this Contacts Backup software for your windows mobile phone at a very competitive price!
Key Feature:
-Export your contacts into txt file or .cbf backup file format, and save onto your pc..
- Backup both sim card contacts and outlook contacts
- Backup contacts??? photos and ringtones.
- Restore contacts from the .cbf backup file
-Edit contacts info on computer directly
-Set photos and ringtones for contacts on computer
- Support unlimited contacts backup/restore.
- Support contacts search
- Fast backup and restore speed
- Easy to use
Hope this tool can help you solve all the problems that occur in you.Thank you!

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