A Warning on Win Jr LTE with Win10's HARD RESET function - and request for help.


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Jul 3, 2015
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I'll try to make this long story....less long, and clarify if needed, later. The main thing is, THINK TWICE before attempting a "hard reset" on a Blu Win Jr LTE with Win 10; at least in the conditions described below. Unless, of course, we find the cause and ideally, a solution. (So far, Blu stopped at "standard policy"; no help may be forthcoming...unless common sense prevails, I hope. MS may be tried next.)

-- On TWO BLU Win HD JR LTE X130q (per box and internal label, although Win10 & outlook.com reported them as 130e)
-- Both of them are refurbished units, no warranty may be available. (I do have other Blu Jr LTE purchased new and running W10 well enough...but I'll never be able to hard-reset these unless the issue is solved).
-- each one with Windows 10 Mobile (10.0.10586.107) -- which was working great for the most BUT...
-- which needed a hard reset to change the accounts (I had tested them first with my outlook email but they're intended to go to relatives of ours)

-- The first attempt to "hard reset" ONE of these 2 phones was via Windows 10 reset function in "Settings".
-- This set the screen to animation of spinning wheels, and then stopped and displayed a "sad face". Then the phone rebooted and started this cycle all over, automatically. [This cycle will not stop unless one disconnects from wall power. If so, after the first sad face, it will turn off....untill you hook up the power cord again.]
-- At that point, my initial fear was that I had dumbly caused this by switching the SD card to a larger one before starting the reset. But the damage was already done by this dumb action, or so I thought then.

Tried so far
-- Web research led to:
1. the standard "buttons hard reset" Vdown+power followed just Vdown and then by the Vup, Vdown, power, Vdown.sequence... which never even got me to the "exclamation sign".
2. my greatest hope -- and disappointment -- the Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.10.24401, which failed to not only recognize the phone but to complete an update. All attempts failed. Even tried with different Win 10 PC's and installs, suspecting that perhaps hardware or even the presence of the still buggy AU could be affecting the PC. Total failure.
3. About the only "nice" thing is that I learned how to launch BIOS:cool:...not that I can do much with it...for now.

By suspecting that it was my stupid switching of the SD card and not the phone's or Windows 10 fault, I merrily proceeded to add insult to injury, And so it was that I repeated the hard reset on the other phone. Thus, the disaster was gloriously repeated. I now have two likely bricked phones...a first in my life, YEAH, baby!

Oh well, I can always look at the BIOS screen and hope I can use it for something. Perhaps one of you knows what can be tried next. For now, don't assume that all hard resets are created equal!
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Jul 3, 2015
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Sadly, no. Further tests with other new phones yielded the very same issue. If one "upgrades" these US phones to Win 10, then a later hard reset WILL kill them (don't know about non-US units). I was fortunate that vendors accepted them back.

To be sure, they work fine under Win 10 as initially upgraded to meaning, via normal updates. Due to lesser basic memory, this is the only "possible" level of Win 10 revision for the US version. Therefore, I now make sure that I make all changes before committing to Win 10. Namely, it is practical to reset the unit for a new owner/email while under Win 8.

That said, there may be a recently updated thread here where some kinds of working reset options were mentioned...not that I know if specifically for this king of issue. I am at work, no time to look.

However, check all the regular threads on page 1 and see what you find. I remember seeing someone even asking about USB access to the core system, which I had wanted to try at one point but had no details. Post if you find something useful, please.

Good luck!

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