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How's things?,
In my accidental experiments with my Windows Defender installed, found out that I was able to go to the protection history and press the allow button on every detected file and then was able to install an infected file or program from start to finish no matter how infected it was and the end result of that was having to do a full reinstall of Windows 10 which set me back over 8 hours, after a repair or by going to backup or by resetting the computer was locked. I moved to Kaspersky free and did a repeat of the test to compare the results and once the zip file was detected and all other infected files and no matter which way I tried?, it denied me access, as I saw the warning screen message on the screen. I then moved to Panda free and it also had the same results as Kaspersky free, after doing a repeat . I even did a custom scan of my files and nothing was found by W.D , but doing a custom scan with Kaspersky free/Panda free showed an alert. I even went to my local group policy and configured the questions for Windows Defender from there either enabling partially or enabling all and it made no difference whatsoever. I even tried using W.D in passive mode and I wasn't better off. I've even had trojans in my computer and W.D was no match for it. When I had trojans after Kaspersky free was installed and saw the trojans had lost against the Kaspersky free antivirus. Windows Defender despite claims it has gone through more updates ,it still failed me as though I had been using Windows 7.All other free antiviruses when I tried each one by one had done a better job in dealing with a trojan and never had to reinstall. Like to add?.,bye

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