Adsense Statistics app for Windows Phone: A secure, read-only view of your data

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Mar 11, 2013
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The Adsense Statistics is a relevant application for Windows Phone users who own a website / blog linked to Google Adsense. Statistics Adsense Provides an overview of the critical AdSense (Admob revenue) performance metrics including CTR, page views, clicks, cost per click and estimated RPM page from your website or blog revenue, in easily digestible form. Can someone be afraid to use this app, considering that you need to provide login information and password, but remember that this app has permission only to view your data and not change them.
The Adsense Statistics is an application that uses the API?s of Google Adsense to provide us with various information?s about the service. As you know Admob has supported for developers on the Windows phone, so this application will help you to view your Adsense revenue statistics. With it you can get an overview about Adsense on your website, you will see important information that you will certainly want to know. Sure to use the app requires that you have registered with a Google Adsense account. If so, it will provide information on performance metrics including revenue performance, page views, clicks, cost per click, RPM page and estimated revenues so easy. The app provides most of the content of the Google AdSense home page and the default report.
To use the application you must:
? Having a working and stable network connection
? Having an account in Adsense
? Having Adsense account linked to the device
The developer ensures that the application is superior to existing Windows Phone.
Point to be noted: The application provides a read-only view of your data. You can not change the currency and the time zone. This is one of the best and safe Adsense client apps to use on Windows phone.
The developer confirmed that this application is better than applications such as: Adsense, Adsense panel, mobile panel WP Adsense, Admob Admob, instrument panel Statistics, Statistics of ads.
You can download the app Adsense Statistics for Windows phone from WP Store by using the link below

Download Adsense Statistics Windows Phone App (FREE)

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