Afterparty is a fun, colorful story with some technical issues

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Dec 17, 2013
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Night School Studio is back with a hard-drinking, easy-going experience.
Afterparty is Night School Studio's second game, after the team's debut title Oxenfree in 2016. Instead of a coming-of-age story with mysterious happenings, however, Afterparty gets right to the point. Two best friends, Milo and Lola, are in Hell. Why? Who knows, your average hardworking demon isn't authorized to give out that kind of information. They've got jobs to do, after all. Still, the night is young, and before the torment begins the next day, Milo and Lola learn of an interesting catch: Satan loves to party and drink. If they can outdrink Satan, they can get out of Hell.
This results in a fun, wacky journey through the nightlife and club scenes of Hell. Vivid colors, witty dialogue, and a great soundtrack are some of the highlights as you gargle some pretty potent potables. Your choice of drink even affects what dialogue options are available, in turn affecting how you progress through the story and what ending you'll get. While it's a great adventure, technical problems mar the experience right now, as the frame rate suffers whenever traveling between areas and dialogue would get glitched, repeating at times. It's still a good experience, just one that suffers more than it should.

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