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Nov 8, 2010
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The alarm app has been driving me kind of crazy.

The settings appear to be that the alarm will start quiet and gradually get louder, with the option for a 5 minute snooze. Additionally the screen locks after a few seconds and you have to unlock the phone to preform any action.

I have also unintentionally deleted my daily alarm a few times while trying to change a setting, I may have unintentionally pressed delete but I don't think so.

Finally the volume of the alarm is tied to the volume of all alerts on the phone, so if I were to turn up the volume to make the alarm loud enough that I am comfortable I will wake up, my email alert also becomes this loud.

I have been able to write off a lot of deficiencies with WP7 as workable, but I have never had an alarm this bad. I am going on week 2 of having the Focus and this is the first thing that makes me really want to return the phone.

-How have you guys been setting your alarms? What are some of the best settings/tweaks I can do to make this more like every other phone I have owned?


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Nov 12, 2010
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I have my alarm set to go off every morning. I don't know if anybody else has came across this but every once in a while i go to hit snooze or off and it comes up as two alarms going off, when i only have one programed. Its not a huge deal, but i just have to hit off twice. Any thoughts?

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