Alcatel Idol 4S - SD Card and Cell data issues - VR uses?


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Jul 12, 2017
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I am a die-hard Windows Phone fan refusing to jump ship, so I decided to buy the of the last phone with W10M, the Idol 4S (with VR goggles, never managed to get the deal for $99). I bought one in December 2017 and used it a few days without sim card, as I was having an hard time backing up everything (especially whatsapp) on my faithful Lumia 640XL. I was very happy with it until I made the switch completely. Suddenly the phone froze like every 10 minutes: cam did not shoot a photo even with the physical button, on one occasion a was not able to hang up a call, etc. Basically I had to force a shutdown every 10 -15 minutes keeping the power button pressed until a vibration. I tried a few hard resets . . samething. I tried with the WDRT, it never passed, the phone was never recognized and after manually loading down the package and setting the phone to "flash mode" always ended in failure messages. So I sent it back to Microsoft and received a refund.

After some time I realized that the Idol was close to be sold out and I panicked. I did not want to trade my house for an iPhone and I only need to have my wife's Xperia in my hand for five minutes to realize I still hate Android with all of my heart. So I managed to have a friend of mine buying one at a physical MS store in NY and ship it to me somewhen in March.

First surprise: I found that the speakers sounded as an old radio. So, knowing that, if I send it back for a refund I might ending up with no chance to get another one, i sent it to the TLC repair center at Richardson TX for repair instead. Got it only to find that Cellular data did not work. Hard resetting - no change. WDRT reset - still wont work. After calling the Repair Center, they had me resetting the Sim Card Settings manually. Working fine. (Btw, I have had to do that resetting like 10 times in 3 months.)

A few days after that, suddenly the phone started freezing like every 10 minutes - just as the one I returned. Hard resetting - no change. WDRT reset - still wont work. I had everything set up to sent it to the repair center when I remembered that I had moved my SD Card from the Lumia to the Idol just the day the failures started. I removed the card and restarted the phone and bingo! failures fixed.

Everything is OK since then. It is not a Lumia: I discovered there is a crack now on the camara glass, even though I have tried so hard to save it. I only remember dropping it once when sitting (18 inches fall). I guess warranty is void now. Battery life is... hardly adecuate. So I am hoping I will cope with it until 2020 and see if there is anything new on the market by then.


1) Has anyone had that SD Card issue?
2) Has anyone had that Cellular data issue?
3) Can anyone tell me how easy glass or body breaks comparte to Lumias?
4) Is there anyway I can expand the use of the VR thing?
5) How can I see VR videos from YouTube?

Other issues I have had:

The whatsapp web failure (fine after Repair Center).
WDRT reset definitely does not work!

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