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All about emots/abbreviations!


New member
Dec 24, 2013
My baby's nicknames:
Surfie: Surface Pro
Nokie: Nokia Lumia 1520
Lumie: Nokia Lumia 900


Ambassador Team Leader
Nov 4, 2013
Nicknames for my stuff:
Project car in the garage=Cross to bear
My desktop PC=Crash W McMicro
Surface RT=Now What McSludge?
Asus TF700T=Rip McBrick
My notebook=Lap burner
Lumia 521=Little phone that could
Lumia 925=Smiler
RV=Heaven on 2 axles

sahib lopez

New member
Apr 29, 2013
laters = good bye
ex : im off to bed, laters
ex 2 : im going to do some homework ill talk to you soon. laters !